Sinus & Congestion Roller

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'Tis the season to fight off the YUCK!  

Saddle up this seriously awesome Sinus & Congestion Support roller to help sooth a stuffy nose, sinus pressure, fight congestion while boosting your respiratory system.  

=> Roll oil gently on the back of your neck, around your throat/chest, crown of your forehead, behind your ears & outer temples ... and the soles of your feet before bedtime.

=> Available in 10mL or 15 mL size(s)

KT Creative Goods would like to remind you to always test for skin irritation before use - please discontinue use if ANY irritation occurs as KT Creative Goods is not responsible for any reactions to ingredients.  Please carefully read the ingredient list before using if you have allergies or reach out with any questions prior to purchasing.  My products are crafted in a home facility, where there is the chance for cross contamination. Always check with your doctor before using any products on children under the age of 2, if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.