Rock Your Union Wellness Roller

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'Rock Your Union' is a sultry, energizing crystal-infused wellness blend of jasmine, sandalwood, clary sage, cinnamon & black pepper with a kiss of orange & bergamot.  These essential oils combine to support male & female hormone balance, promotes feelings of joy & invigoration... and maybe even give your libido a little spark! 🔥

This roller ball *bling* vibe combines Emerald gemstones with Rose & Strawberry quartz crystals to create a ♥ 'Love Light Explosion' of 'Union Bliss'♥

=> Emerald enhances Unconditional & Abundant Love, Fidelity, Prosperity & Good Fortune

=> Rose & Strawberry Quartz manifests Trust, Emotional Healing, Universal Love & Compassion

Topically apply this sensuous roller blend to pulse points, heart chakra, spine & lower abdomen.  Blend will react with your own body chemistry and become more intense as your body heat increases for you... and your partner to enjoy.

Common sense note, Peeps: added gemstones are clearly not to be used for medicinal purposes and will NOT cure diseases or ailments. Any reference made about "healing properties" refers to the mind and spirit rather than the physical body.