KN95 Masks

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The KN95 is the best filtration mask available to be purchased by suppliers currently. The N95 is the best mask used in America but unfortunately is completely unavailable to civilians at this time. In fact most hospital workers are being given just one per week to reuse. 

"Although some hospitals flat-out reject KN95 masks at any price on advice of their lawyers, people rounding up masks to give to hospitals have found that individual doctors or nurses will often accept the donations, given the dire need. On March 17, the CDC issued guidance saying that health care personnel could use bandanas, scarves, or other “homemade masks” as “a last resort.”"

NY Times article showing FDA consideration of KN95 mask use:

According to 3M, the world’s largest mask manufacturer, the KN95 is “equivalent” and “can be expected to function very similar” to the N95 mask. That opinion was echoed on Feb. 29 by the CDC, which said the KN95 is one of seven foreign-certified respirators “expected to provide protection to workers.” …

Here are two articles regarding the efficacy of these masks.

It is recommended to use a cloth mask over the kn95 to keep the kn95 clean.